Hello again from Bonheur Avenue

Buttercream cake decoration roses

Hello again,

It has been quite sometimes since the website’s last update. We didn’t forget about our page. Just that we were caught up with some other stuffs.

In a day or two, we will update our pages with information of our new product. If you follow Bonheur Avenue’s instagram account, you should know by now about our new product. Yes, it is a new variant to our snow on fromage series, the CHOCOLATE flavor.

There will promotion to celebrate the launching of the new variant. Please keep an eye for our website or instagram account for the detail.

As for now, we share a picture of the rose theme decoration cake that we recently made for one of our customers. Just so you know, this picture was taken with a not so new asus smartphone under natural sunlight, no filter at all, just a quick cropping to square size.

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