End of bazaar event and few catch-ups

Bonheur Avenue - golden ring a.k.a. salted egg yolk cookies

Our bazaar event at Weekend Market in Wonderland at Neo Soho which ran end of last month has ended. We considered the event was a success. We had limited time to prepare and so many things were new to us. But we managed to pull it off. Good job for the team!

Participation in events allowed us to get feedback from our customers and test many things, from the products themselves, the target market, and also the packaging. We received huge positive response for our current packaging. But we did not stop there. For this event, we included two more type of packaging for our product lines.

Portion cups for fromage series.

Thinking that during the event, all of our customers would buy and carry our fromage cakes while surfing from booth to booth, we decided to use cups to carry our cheesecakes. Customers could scoop the cheesecake with small spoons and enjoy the cheesecake whenever they want and wherever they like without the fear of ruining them.

Snow on fromage - chocolate edition The response was positive and so we decided to open such packaging for orders. We realized that not only this works for bazaar events, but they also works for our customers’s celebration events as well.

There would be minimum orders. Please contact us for more detail.



Jars for golden rings.

We used to use packets for our golden ring cookies packaging. In this bazaar, we also used other type of packaging as well, which was in plastic jars, so that customers could have more choices. We noticed

Bonheur Avenue - golden ring a.k.a. salted egg yolk cookies

some customers prefer these plastic jars, as they are easier to carry, less chance of ruining the cookies, and a more elegant choice for gifts. Responding to our customers’ voices, we now include jars packaging for our salted egg yolk cookies. They are not only for ease of carry, but also contain more pieces so you can enjoy more cookies.

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