Selection of premium cakes and cookies
golden ring, homemade salted egg yolk cookies, kue kering telur asin, kue isi telur asin

Golden rings

Imagine the savory and fragrance of salted egg yolk bursting inside your mouth. They are crunchy bites to die for!

cups of bonheur, fluffy chiffon cupcake, vanilla cream

Cups of Bonheur

A carefully baked soft and fluffy chiffon, paired well with a generous amount of vanilla cream. It is a goodness that one is never enough.

Snow on fromage - chocolate cheesecake (Bonheur Avenue)

Snow on Fromage

Do you like cheesecake? Mousse? Yogurt? If your answer is yes to all of them, then our cheesecake is the perfect choice for you.

Korean buttercream cake, homemade flower cake, premium lapis Surabaya, birthday cake Jakarta, rose cake

The Bouquet

Bonheur Avenue style for buttercream flower decoration cake. Perfect for celebrating your special days.