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Introducing chocolate snow on fromage


Following a quick post on our blog yesterday, we properly update our website today.

As mentioned in our blog yesterday, we are adding a new variant to our snow on fromage series, the chocolate.  It might be strange how we introduce the chocolate variant so late. After tons of recipe adjustments and testings, we finally nailed chocolate cheesecake that we can give a nod. We use couverture chocolate as the flavor for the cheese mousse. The imported couverture chocolate elevates the flavor of the cheese mousse to a higher level.

Snow on fromage - chocolate cheesecake (Bonheur Avenue)

Next is the cream that we use as the topping, or the “snow” (this snow is not white but brown.) This time, we decided to twist the flavor a bit. Rather than going for a straight chocolate cream, we use our all time favourite nuts, the hazelnuts! Who can resist the combination of chocolate and hazelnuts? But rather than mixing them together in every layer, we separate these two flavor into chocolate cheese mousse and the hazelnut cream. Imagine the tanginess and bitterness of the chocolate cheese mousse combining with the nutty and sweetness of hazelnut cream, a perfect combination, isn’t it?

As mentioned in our main page, to celebrate the launching of this new flavor, there is a 15% discount to all our fromage lines. This promotion lasts until 15 August 2017. Please contact us via whatapp for more details. Make sure you don’t miss this good deal!


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